Web Design&Brochure for dermozone’s New Products Tokyo JP

The skincare brand “Dermozone” wanted to publicize the efficacy of their main product “MEDCARE” to let more people know in Japan.
They conducted campaigns in Japan.

We named the campaign “share-care campaign”.
Why we chose the name “share-care” is… to intend the word reminds customer to the heart for caring somebody’s skin problem and for sharing their experience.

At first, we made web site to gather testimonials who speak out their experience by using their SNS such as twitter and instagram. And send 1,000 “MEDCARE” products to them for free. They use MEDCARE and upload testimonials to their own SNS account, we gather these voices by hashtag to campaign web site.

<What we did>
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Custom WordPress Layouts
100% Responsive Design