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We are a Japanese Design company with offices in the Netherlands and Japan.
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Miki Tanuma タヌマミキ

Graphic Designer / Art Director

After studying design at University, Worked as a web designer at a company with search engines in Roppongi Tokyo. I was studying about web design & IT skills,Then left the company. After learning the basics of marketing and advertising in the real estate company advertising department, I quit the company.After that, as a freelance designer, from small to medium enterprises to large enterprisesI have been involved in designing a wide range of genres.Utilizing 20 years of experience of designer, We will provide design and strategies to make your business effective!

Mari Tachibana タチバナマリ

Graphic Designer 

I started editing career from the time of study of literature at University.Working simultaneously as an editor / designer,Accumulating experience on site to produce designs with editorial intention.After that, I belonged to an IT company and cooperated with the marketing department, pursuing “Design for selling”.After learning about marketing, I left the company.Started with the creation of IT company’s promotion tool, then expanded clients to a wide range of fields including apparel, cosmetics, beverages and restaurants.Utilizing the editing experience, I am working with the feeling of writing a love letter that connects clients and customers.